Is One Tough Nerd In Trouble?

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (who bills himself as one tough nerd) may be in a little trouble.  According to Public Policy Polling Snyder only leads his likely Democratic opponent, Mark Schauer, by 44-40.  This small gap isn’t as troubling for Snyder as the fact that he is 6% below 50.  For most incumbents polling below 50% a year before reelection shows you are vulnerable.

Of course there is a still a very expensive that will be run by both sides, so things are bound to change.  What this does signify is that the Democrats in Michigan are still fired up about Snyder’s pushing through a Right-to-Work law.

You can bet Chris Christie will be making many stops in Michigan to help Snyder as much as possible.  Being seen as someone who defended a pro-Right-to-Work governor can only help Christie.


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