Man Does Not Live By Politics Alone – College Football

What an insane week for college football.  The Auburn/Alabama game was great.  It had all the drama you could possibly want.  Considering these two are fierce rivals it made it even better.

While I was glad to see Auburn won, I do feel for the Alabama kicker and Saban knows he will never get that close to an unprecedented third national championship.  Aside from Pete Carroll’s USC Trojans no one has ever gotten that close in the modern era. Plus you can bet someone will print up “Kick, Bama’, Kick” bumper stickers.

Let’s not forget the great Michigan/Ohio State.  That was a thriller too.  I still don’t understand why Michigan didn’t play for OT.

Because it’s college football we have a controversy over whether it should be Ohio State or Auburn at #2.  For me it seems if Ohio State is undefeated they should be in the title game.  We’ll see what the computer says.


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