Christie/Cuomo 2016?

All Smiles

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an election.

No that is not some silly non-partisan, centrism for its own sake dream ticket.  What it is is a feeling among some Republicans that Governor Christie has a soft spot for the New York Chief Executive.  It is being reported by the New York Post that Christie, who is the head of the Republican Governor’s Association, will not devote resources to Cuomo’s 2014 GOP  challenger.

Interestingly one source for this story is Andrew Cuomo who said that Christie told him this in a private conversation. Of course this is being denied by the Christie people.

If this were true and could be proven it would cripple Christie’s 2016 ambitions.  Let’s remember Christie is from the Northeast and will have to sell himself to a party that is very skeptical (to say the least) of that part of the country.  It is bad enough to many conservative activists that Christie embraced Obama after Hurricane Sandy, so allegations like this would confirm that Christie really is a RINO or worse a liberal.

You can bet Christie’s 2016 opponents will use this to help stoke the flames that Christie is not really one of them.  You may be reminded of the alleged incident where Christie told people that he agrees with Andrew Cuomo 98% of the time.  Would someone like Ted Cruz have an incentive to do that?

On the plus side for whoever is the GOP nominee against Cuomo in 2014 you can bet they will get at least one fundraiser with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and Mike Pence.


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