Is Cruz Sprinting in a Marathon

One might get the impression that Senator Rafi Cruz is trying to sprint in what is a marathon.  This article from the Daily Beast makes that point.  There certainly is a chance that Cruz will wear out his welcome or peek too soon.  It does happen, remember Howard Dean’s commanding leads in the summer and early fall of 2003?

Will it happen with Cruz?  Hard to say.  He is new to the national stage and spotlight that goes with that position.  If you don’ think it can have an impact ask Rand Paul about staffing problems or plagiarism.

Yet, it is pretty hard to stop the ride once you get on it.  Aside from not visiting these places or not appearing on television, which he as actively sought out since he took the oath of office, there really is no way to stop the media attention.  How Cruz handles that glare will tell you if he can be like Barack Obama and ride the attention to victory or if he’ll flame out like Howard Dean.



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