Bobby Jindal Offers Up Advice, Lucky Us

Fresh off getting part of the blame for Ken Cuccinelli’s loss earlier this month, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is back with some advice in Politico.  What does the unpopular Louisiana chief executive have to say?

First, don’t think about 2016.  To Governor Jindal the real focus should be on 2014 and that no one should really be thinking about 2016.  Of course, this is rich coming from a who everyone knows is going to run for President in that year.

Second, Jindal says we should look at what the Republican governors like Nikki Haley and Rick Scott are doing in the states.  He then lists a few of their policies without any mention of Haley’s slumping poll numbers and Rick Scott’s tough upcoming reelection.

Most disappointing is that Jindal doesn’t seem to offer any new specific policies.  He wants us to cut taxes, balance the budget, restore our reputation (to what?), and become energy independent. Since we’re making a wish list can we throw in a pony as well?

Seriously, if Jindal wants the GOP to be the party that wins the argument then they are going to have to offer up something new. Whatever that new thing is, it doesn’t look to be coming from Bobby Jindal.



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