Because Iowa’s So Lovely in January?

Some Iowa social conservative leaders actually want Governor Chris Christie to come to their state and campaign.  They say he would do well there and that Iowa Republicans would like his blunt style.


They don’t care if Christie wins Iowa or comes in dead last.  The truth is that they only want him there so people don’t ignore their state’s caucuses.

Christie will start out the race as a clear front runner and probably the party establishment’s choice.  So if he decided not to campaign in the Hawk Eye state it would shift some of the focus away from the caucuses.  Given what happened last time, with Santorum not being declared the winner until week after caucus night, Iowa can’t really afford anything else to challenge its status of going first.  You can bet Christie, and potentially other people, skipping the state would be a blow to the standing.

So for now everyone in the Iowa GOP will want Christie and everyone else to come and take their chances in Iowa.


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