Is Virginia Still A Southern State

Virginia Postcard

Greetings from the Ex-South?

Of course, Virginia will always be associated with the South.  After all it was home to the capital of the Confederacy.  But politically is it still a Southern state?

A few weeks ago the Democrats swept the statewide offices in Virginia.  Granted there is a recount to go in the Attorney General’s race, but Herring does on in to it with a lead.  What’s most interesting about this is that all three candidates supported same-sex marriage, abortion rights and gun control.

Would a Democratic ticket that took all three of those positions be able to win in Georgia, Tennessee or Alabama?  Hell no.

Given the changes that have happened in the state, particularly the growth of Northern Virginia and an increase in non-white voters, it doesn’t make sense to look at Virginia the same politically as say Louisiana or Georgia.

Now of course there are part of the state that still vote the same as Mississippi or Tennessee but they are not big enough for the GOP to win statewide.

If statewide Virginia is no longer a Southern state, where does the political South start?  Is it the Virginia North Carolina border? Where that line is has a big implication for the GOP.

For years the GOP could count on a winning the majority of states in the Old Confederacy (minus Florida) by spending little time or money there during a campaign.  That freed up resources to win states like Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan.

If Virginia and possibly North Carolina cannot be count on as easy wins (Obama almost won North Carolina in 2012 after winning it in 2008) the GOP could be starting the Presidential race with serious ground to make up and have to divert resources to win places that are critical for them but not necessary for the Democrats.  A.k.a. they would be up Shit’s Creek.

In an environment the party would turn to people who it thinks gives it a chance to win in states like Michigan or Pennsylvania.  Do you think that benefits someone like Chris Christie?  Is the Pope a Catholic?


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