Head Midwest Young Man

The Republican National Committee is looking at having a so-called “Mid West Super Tuesday” after the early states go.  The idea would be to have Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin all vote on the same day shortly after the Florida primary.

If this went through it would shake up the race a great deal. First, it would make fundraising even more important than it already is for candidates.  Having to cover five or six big states with only a week or two to campaign would make television ads even more critical.  That will be costly because those states have some good sized media markets (Columbus, Detroit, Chicago). Of course, this will make Super PACs even more important than ever.

Second, it gives the party’s moderate wing more of say.  States like Illinois and Ohio still have good sized moderate wings (they are a minority for sure) that could unite behind one candidate (say Chris Christie) in a divided field and give them the votes need to squeak out a win.  Have we seen this movie before, in say 2008 or 2012?

Third, it helps potential candidates like Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, or Scott Walker.  All of them are from the Great Lakes area and would start out with higher name ID and built in bases of support.

Lastly, it does take away power from the South and West.  If someone comes out of that day winning all or more of the states (and the delegates) it could effectively end the race before the most Republican parts of the country even vote (minus South Carolina).  You would have the Great Lakes deciding who the nominee is for a party based in the South.

The next question will be how do the delegates get allotted.  If it’s winner-take-all then you really do have a big change coming to the GOP primary.


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