Ryan’s Hope

Unlike someone of this Congressional counterparts, like say Cruz and Rand Paul, Paul Ryan is keeping a low profile.  Although he was recently in Iowa, Ryan did not attract the kind of fanfare that Cruz did recently or Chris Christie will when he eventually visits the Hawkeye state.

I still have my doubts that Ryan will run.  Being the VP nominee on the losing ticket is not a great place to start a run for the White House.  Plus, his greatest accomplishment, the Ryan Budget, has been called by some conservative commentators a political suicide note. You don’t imagine that will be  used in 30 second attack ads in both the primaries and of course the general election.

Considering he polls in the middle of the pack, whatever he decides to do will have a big impact the race.  He could be a potential first tier candidate or free up a large chunk of voters for people to fight over.

Either way Ryan’s going to command some attention until he makes up his mind.


4 thoughts on “Ryan’s Hope

    • First, very good post on Ryan. I don’t think he runs in 2016 and focuses his energies on becoming Speaker. As Speaker he could have as much influence on domestic policy as any President.

  1. I would say the conservatives because many in the moderate wing are probably scared to run on the Ryan Budget. There is a great deal of stuff that can be cherry picked for negatives ads.

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