Poll Dancing Tar Heel Style

Our friends at Public Policy Polling have some new numbers out of North Carolina.  They find Chris Christie leads the pack with 20%, followed by Jeb Bush at16%, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz each at 12%,  Rubio on 10%, Paul Ryan at 7%, 6% for Bobby Jindal,with Rick Santorum and Scott Walker bringing up the rear at 2 and 1% respectively.

Given the avalanche of good press Christie has received recently this should not come as a surprise.  Although it does show he may have some traction in the South.  If that is the case he would be hard to stop.

Numbers like this should also tempt Jeb Bush, although I still have my doubts he will do it.  Although Rand Paul leads in some national polls it is interesting to see he’s in the middle of the pack.  Is it the plagiarism that is bringing down his numbers?

Given that North Carolina normally doesn’t go early in the primary calendar these numbers are bound to fluctuate.


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