Maybe He Should Skip Iowa


Should Christie avoid?

The Washington Post has an op-ed out today saying Chris Christie will have a real problem in Iowa.  That sentiment was echoed in a piece here.  Both articles have a point.  On some policy and cultural questions Christie may never fit in with the base of Iowa’s Republican caucus goers. 

If that is the case and victory is a long shot maybe he should skip it.  Maybe the best course of him is to not invest the time and money needed for a caucus turnout operation.  Instead he should focus his energy on New Hampshire and an early Western state.  

Remember, losing Iowa did not hurt McCain or Romney because they were able to bounce back and win big in New Hampshire.  Given how close the two contests are on the primary calendar a Granite State win would devour all of the bounce Christie’s opponent got out of the caucus victory. 

In contrast, Hillary Clinton went all in for Iowa and ended up coming in third and using up a great deal of money. 

It is something to think about for Christie.  


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