Break Out the Brooms?

Democrat Mark Herring has a taken a very slim lead in the Virginia Attorney General’s race, with about 183 provisional ballots in Fairfax County will be verified today.  Of the ballots that will be counted, given how well the Democrats did in Fairfax County this year, a majority should go to Herring.

This race will head to a recount that could last weeks.  But going into the recount Herring should have a lead.

Let’s say Herring wins the race.  What does this mean for Virginia GOP?

What it should do is take their focus off what happened with the shutdown/Obamacare, RGA spending in the race, or individual candidate weakness.  None of those are going to be factors in 2016 or 2017.

When you lose a seat you have held for 20 years that should be a wake up call that something larger than the one or two individual quirks cost you victory.What a statewide sweep should wake the Virginia GOP up to is the growth of non-white voters and Northern Virginia becoming even more Democratic.

Will it? And what changes could it bring if it did?

I guess we’ll see, after the recount.


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