Someone is Going to Challenge Hillary

This blog normally focuses on the Republican race for 2016 but it is noting there will be another contest.  Yes, Hillary Clinton is way ahead in the Democratic primary polls but SOMEONE will challenge her.  She is not going to go unopposed.

Who will it be?  That is the more interesting question.  It will be someone who is very ambitious, does not mind pissing off the establish, and wants to be ready for 2024.  In addition, this person may also have a few key issues they disagree with Clinton on and will make that a big part of their campaign.

Who is that person?  Some are guessing it could be Elizabeth Warren.  That would be an interesting challenge for Clinton because Warren takes away one of Clinton’s biggest messages, “vote for me, I have a vagina.”

I honestly don’t know who will step up.

I do know it may have a big impact on the GOP race because in states like New Hampshire it will pull away independents who would consider voting or either a more moderate or anti-establishment GOP candidate.

Those two are not contradictory statements when it comes to New Hampshire.  Remember in 1996 and 2000 Republican independent-minded voters went from Pat Buchanan to John McCain.  The ability for that kind of cross over could be hurt by a populist Democrat running.

You can take one thing to the bank, somebody will step up to take on Hillary.  How well they do will impact the entire race.



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