Someone’s Not Laughing

no laughing matter

No laughing matter.

If you get a chance check out Dana Milbank’s column in today’s Washington Post.  He uses it to make fun of the Rand Paul plagiarism situation.  This is shows what the real peril is for Senator Paul as this story develops.

The problem isn’t that people like Milbank or Maddow don’t like Paul, if anything that helps him with the GOP base, it is that people start to think he is not ready for prime time.  Especially as someone who is relatively new to national politics Paul can’t have potential supporters thinking he is not able to withstand the pressure and susceptible to careless mistakes.

You can also bet Paul’s opponents will use this to pile on.  Prominent neo-con Bill Kristol is already using this to say Paul is not Presidential caliber.  Don’t be surprised if this continues for a while.


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