Was Bob Dole Right?

Earlier in the year Bob Dole took a great deal of heat from people over saying this:

But after Tuesday’s results maybe he was on to something when he said the party needs to put a “Closed For Repairs” sign in front of the RNC.  Is this what a party on the mend looks like?

Think about it, the party lost two out of three statewide elections in Virginia to a Democratic ticket headed up by one of the weakest candidates in state history.  Why did this happen?  Its nominees for Governor and Lt. Governor alienated many in the business community and got beat badly in the regions and demographic groups that are growing fastest in the state.  Whatever problems the party had in 2012 reaching out beyond its base clearly have not been solved in Virginia.

And even after the elections on Tuesday the Virginia defeat has not lead to lessons being learned but instead a round of finger pointing.  The blame game happens after every loss but to make it so public and to involve Cuccinelli advisors says a great deal about how much animosity there is right now.  The work thing about the blame game is that the longer you play it the harder it is to look at what really happened.

Now I know someone is going to say “What about Chris Christie?”  Yes, he had a great night.  But how many national Republican figures did Christie invite in to campaign with him?  How many times did Rand Paul, Scott Walker, or Marco Rubio visit the Garden State.  Oh yeah, NONE.  Christie won, in part, because he distanced himself from his party.

If the GOP was getting back on the right track none of those things would have happened.  So maybe it’s time to take Bob Dole’s advice.  Better late than never.


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