Shocking News Out of Texas!!

Public Policy Polling has found some amazing news out of the Lone Star State.  Apparently among Texas Republicans Senator Rafi Cruz is their first choice for GOP nominee in 2016.  I know I’m stunned.  Here are the full results:

  • Cruz at 32%
  • Christie and Bush at 13%
  • Paul at 10%,
  • Jindal at 6%
  • Ryan and Rubio at 5%
  • Santorum and the Ricker at 3%

All kidding aside these results are not surprising but they do make a couple of key points.  One, Christie has popularity outside of the Northeast.  Second, things are going to get even more wide open if Ryan or Bush don’t run (which I suspect neither will).  This poll is also a disappointment for Jindal.  He governors a neighboring state, so it’s a little sad he can’t get more than 6%.

Lastly, this should remove any doubt that Rick Perry is wasting his time running.


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