Jindal Gets the Blame Too

For a guy who’s part of a party that emphasizes personal responsibility, Cuccinelli surrounds himself with people who are good at blaming EVERYONE else when things don’t go their way.  The latest target appears to be Bobby Jindal and the Republican Governor’s Association.

Aides to Cuccinelli say the RGA screwed up by not giving them the money directly and instead spending it on independent ads that they said were stupid.  One staffer even went so far as to say that this could kill Jindal’s presidential ambitions.


One ticket on the blame train.

First, thanks for the hyperbole folks.  Is anyone really going to make their decision about voting for the GOP 2016 nominee based on their decision on whether or not to give Cuccinelli money 2.5 years earlier?

Second, I kind of thought Jindal had done a good job independent of his work at the RGA of killing his 2016 ambitions.  Just look at this falling approval ratings in Louisiana for real proof of why he’ll have a problem in 2016.

Lastly, it’s time for everyone around Cuccinelli to stop crying and start taking some of the personal responsibility they want everyone to assume.


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