Things That Won’t Change

You may hear many times over the next few days that the GOP needs to change to appeal to new audiences.  Yes, I know my last post said that the GOP must find ways to gain support from Northern Virginia and from nonwhites.

But let’s be clear that some things are just not going to change in the GOP anytime soon.  First, the GOP is not becoming pro-choice on the issue of abortion.  The life issue is a key motivator for people becoming part of the GOP and it’s something that if you surveyed state party officials, county party leaders and precinct captains I would be stunned if the percentage of pro-lifers was less than 70%.

Second is guns.  The GOP is not going to start pushing for gun control.  Like abortion it is one of the things that makes people Republicans.

Areas where the party might be in the market to change is on issues relating to gay rights (after all several Republican Senators just voted for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) and outreach to Latinos.  But both of those will still be contentious fights within the party.


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