The Word of the Day for Conservatives – Betrayal

Some people have a hard time losing.  Apparently, many of them are supporters of Ken Cuccinelli (later posts will explain what his loss means).  They have a simple explanation as to why they lost – the GOP establishment betrayed them.


Judas Christie?

For example, Erick Erickson today says the RNC spent $6 million less in Virginia this time as opposed to 2009.  Just imagine what $6 million more in ads up in Loudon or Prince William County could have done.

In addition, to Erickson the RNC spending figure has been picked up by commentator Mark Levin.

It has also been reported on Morning Joe that Chris Christie was asked to come to Northern Virginia and campaign with Ken Cuccinelli.  Although he was coasting to a win, Christie turned down the request.  Many conservatives sit and think how much good free media would a rally with Chris Christie in Fairfax County generated for Cuccinelli in the closing days of the campaign?

You can bet that conservatives distrust of Christie will only grow as that story surfaces.

Of course Bill Bolling’s decision not to endorse Cuccinelli will also be brought up asa proof of an establishment betrayal.

Over the next few days expect this story to continue to grow.  But is that really why Cuccinelli lost?  Is the so-calle betrayal of the establishment really what conservatives and Republicans should be taking away from Cuccinelli’s defeat?

Stay tuned.



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