The Big Take Away from Virginia

Forget Obamacare and the Shutdown when talking.  In the end they cancelled each other out and should leave the GOP with some things to think about.  Going to  2016 or 2017 the elections will not be impacted by either.  What they will be influenced by is the demographic changes that propelled Terry McAuliffe to victory.

Terry McAuliffe did his best in Northern Virginia and where whites are 60% or less of the population.  Cuccinelli in contrast did his best in rural areas and areas with 85% or more of the population being white.  The problem for the GOP is Northern Virginia and the population of nonwhites are growing and their strongest areas are not keeping up.  If the party doesn’t figure out some way to reach these areas races for governor and President could get much harder.

You can bet Chris Christie is definitely going to make the case that he could’ve reached both those groups in way Cuccinelli, or a similar Republican, simply couldn’t.


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