Sarvis Did Better Than I Thought

I will admit it when I am wrong.  Robert Sarvis did better than I thought.  He pulled 6.6% instead of the 4% I thought he’d get.

Sarvis really ended up being a factor, especially in places like Bath, Craig and Alleghany counties were he pulled 10%.  In all three of those counties Obenshain ran up bigger scores against the Democrats than Cuccinelli did against the Republicans.  The vote for Sarvis is the key reason for that.

Before Libertarians start celebrating too much, remember the Sarvis vote there was not ideological. As I wrote earlier, that vote was driven by anger at Cuccinelli over a dispute with the energy companies and land owners.  If that dispute didn’t happen or Bolling had been the nominee those counties most likely give the GOP nominee the same margins they gave Obenshain.

Of course, I am sure some in the media will ignore that last part and proclaim this as another example of the Libertarian moment dawning in America.


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