Does He Want to be Chris McCain?


This is on Christie’s horizon?

Right now Chris Christie is the focus of MSNBC and Andrew Sullivan.  As sunny as things may seem for Christie there are clouds gathering on the horizon.  The storm that is brewing will come from the right.


Many conservatives already saw Christie as a sellout over guns and his hugging of Obama.  Now, conservatives will see Christie’s refusal to campaign for Cuccinelli as another betrayal.

Well, it seems Christie is not afraid of this at all.  Why do I say this?  The first candidate Christie has announced he will campaign for is Lindsey Graham who is facing a challenge from Tea Party candidates in 2014.  Keep in mind Graham has had a public fight with Ron Paul and has been John McCain’s biggest ally in the Senate.  Is John McCain loved by the party base?

This decision waves a flag that Christie is going for as much establishment support as possible, even if it risks pissing off the Tea Party.  Why?  He may be making the calculation that the conservative base will be divided between Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio.

Will it work?  If the base is divided, like it was in 2008 and 2012, then yes.  If they can get united behind one candidate then it’s a huge mistake.

Time will tell.


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