Chris Christie Speech Analysis

Why on Earth did Chris Christie come out to “Sign, Sealed, Delivered” just now?  Doesn’t he remember that was Obama’s theme song in 2008?

Watching CNN you can see that professional sycophant Andrew Sullivan is starting to fall in love with Christie.  You can bet by week’s end he’ll be comparing Christie to Reagan and Thatcher.

Christie’s line about people in Washington, DC is a definite sign he’ll be running elsewhere.  Talking about showing up where you are uncomfortable is a way of saying to national Republicans he can reach out to people across different ideological and demographic background.

The spirit of Sandy part of the speech was by far the strongest.  It is a national appeal to reach beyond party lines and get results for people in need.

For Republicans hungry for a winner after the losses in Virginia that is the message they want to hear.  Can he turn the momentum of tonight into something greater?  We’ll see down the road.  For now Christie is the GOP’s man of the moment.


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