Reince In the Garden State


See ya’ in New Jersey.

I guess Reince Priebus can feel which way the wind blows.  Rather take the metro over the Potomac to Virginia, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is going up I-95 to spend some the day in New Jersey.

Gee, way to send a subtle message about where you think the good news is going to be on Tuesday night.  I am sure the Cuccinelli family appreciates the free knife you just put in their back.

You can’t really blame the guy. If I had a choice between a blow out victory party with all the Springsteen one can handle or a defeat that will turn into angry finger pointing before the night’s over, I would probably go to Jersey as well.

The reality is that a Virginia loss, especially if it’s a sweep, will outshine the GOP win in New Jersey.  Christie is a personality who has crafted his own appeal.  The Virginia ticket was exactly what the activist base wanted.  Their getting refuted by voters say a great deal more than a unique persona beating an underfunded opponent.  Hopefully, someone will call Priebus out on that point.




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