4 Years of This?!

The American people are usually an agreeable bunch.  We want to like our Presidents.  In general we want them to be someone we can identify with who is both strong and understanding.

Is that Chris Christie’s modus operandi?  Or is he more confrontational than people are used to dealing with?  This photo gives you a good idea of his personality type:

Finger in the face

This is him on a good day?

In some way this photo represents a problem for Christie. Right now Christie should be on top of the world with no one able to touch him. Yet he feels compelled to have a heated exchange with someone who is either a plant or just simply will never vote for him.


If you can’t shrug stuff off now, what is he going to be like in a heated primary where every move he makes is under heavy scrutiny.

Just something to think about when Morning Joe is coronating him on Wednesday.


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