Rand Paul Pulling a Joe Biden?

In 1988 Joe Biden’s campaign for President was derailed when it surfaced that he had plagiarized the speeches of then Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock.  It seems Rand Paul may be encountering the same problem.

Buzzfeed is reporting three pages of Paul’s book “Government Bullies” were lifted from a 2003 Heritage Foundation case study.  Of course Paul’s people are saying this is all blown out of proportion.  In the end it is not the biggest thing in the world.  However, it does raise questions.  If Paul is shown to have a pattern of doing this then it could be a real problem.

No one remembers this but it was not just lifting a few quotes from a Kinnock speech at hurt Biden.  It was found out that Biden had taken things from Robert F. Kennedy in a speech and had a small plagiarism problem in college.  All of that put together made people raise questions about Biden’s integrity and ultimately forced him out of the race.

Could the same thing happen to Paul?  It is too early to tell.  But does anyone on the GOP really want to be compared to Joe Biden?


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