It’s All GOTV Now

The debates are done.  Now it’s all about phone calls, knocking on doors, and getting people to the polls.  On Tuesday we’ll see if a couple of things are true.

First, can the Obama GOTV machine be replicated?  It certainly wasn’t in 2009 or 2010.  If it can be done in Virginia, particularly if it can get African-Americans and Latinos to the polls it may show that 2014 won’t be a bloodbath.

Second, can the GOP base pull the Cooch over the finish line? They always say you need to fire up the base, well if Cooch can’t fire up the base no one can.

Third, how much appeal do the Clinton’s have?  They have made a big investment in McAuliffe.  If he comes up short they will take some of the blame and may see some of their aura of invincibility fade.


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