Cruz is the Big Elephant In the Room


Guess who’s #1?

In a sign of just how much of an impact the shutdown has had on the GOP, Public Policy Polling has a new poll of Republican voters finding that Senator Ted Cruz is now seen as the leader of the GOP.

Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people because of how prominent Cruz was during the entire struggle.  Remember he did speak on the U.S. Senate floor for 21 hours.

The survey, from Public Policy Polling breaks down like this when asked who is the party leader:

  • Ted Cruz at 21%
  • Chris Christie at 17%
  • John Boehner at 15%
  • Rand Paul at 9%
  • Mitt Romney at 8%
  • John McCain at 7%
  • Mitch McConnell and Sarah Palin each at 4%

In a sign of how he has fallen, Boehner is the speaker of the House and he only comes in third.  U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t even break double digits.

The big question for the GOP is do you really want to be seen this way? Is Ted Cruz the man to help the party grow with Latinos, Asians, and younger voters?

He better be or the GOP brand could be in real trouble.


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