More Libertarian than the Libertarian

The conservative movement is determined to destroy Robert Sarvis.  Here is the latest example from the National Review.   Apparently he is really not a Libertarian at all.

Why is Sarvis getting all of this attention from conservative media and thought leaders?  Namely, they see him as a prime obstacle to Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign for governor.  In their view if the Sarvis voters return to the GOP fold then Cooch will be able to defeat the terrible Terry McAuliffe.

Interestingly though it turns out BigMac has a 47-45 lead over Cooch with Sarvis voters when asked who of the two major party candidates they’d support if Sarvis dropped out.  So maybe something else is going on here?

It could be that the conservatives are looking for someone to blame.  Sarvis is an easy scapegoat.  He has limited resources and will be probably be done with electoral politics when the race is over.  Also, at this point it is better to have someone to go after who is keeping the holy, sacred base from uniting.  Because we all know when the conservative base is united the GOP absolutely cannot lose.

Is it smart right for Cooch to be trying to out-Libertarian the Libertarian?  Cooch keeps saying he is the most liberty candidate elected in his lifetime (was there liberty-off that I missed?) but is this where he wants to be?

Remember, we are just coming off a government shutdown and people in Virginia are still pretty ticked at the GOP for it.  Should Cooch really be going around saying “hey, look at me federal employees and government contractors I want less of you. And all of you people who were mad at the Tea Party for the shutdown, well they’re my buddies!!”

I guess we’ll learn the answers to these questions in 5 days.



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