Graham’s Taking a Beating

New polls show Senator Lindsey Graham could be in trouble.  His approval rating has fallen from 71.6% among Republicans and those independents who lean toward the GOP to 45.2%. The 26% drop has taken place since February.

His one saving grace is that his primary opponents are not polling well right now.  Harper polling finds Graham hits 51% and his closest challenger is only on 15%.  The question is whether conservative activists can rally behind one candidate (Graham has four opponents right now) and if they can force a run off.  If there is a run off election (because Graham fails to clear 50%) then Graham is in real danger of losing his seat.

Keep an eye on Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in this one.  They both will be spending more time in the Palmetto state and want to build up their support networks in this critical early primary state. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of them endorse a Graham challenger.  You know there is no love lost between Graham and either Cruz or the Pauls.


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