In the Zone

Shaq and Chris Christie

It’s going so well that Shaq is Christie’s friend.

I don’t know where Chris Christie’s career will take him.  Like most people I assume he’ll run for President.  He is leading or near the top in some national polls.

Whatever happens he will look back on this time as among the peaks in his life.

Yes, he is cruising to an easy reelection in a state that Obama won last year and that just elected Booker to the U.S. Senate. That really doesn’t detail just how well things are going for the guy right now.

Even more impressive is that by a margin of 48-41 voters in New Jersey WANT him to run for President.  That doesn’t happen very often for politicians.  Usually people reelect someone and they want them to stay around.

Whatever comes next Christie should enjoy this moment.  They really are very rare.


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