Rubio Stepping In It Over Immigration Reform

Marco Rubio has finally flip flopped on immigration reform.  No, he is not turning into Tom Tancredo but he changing his tune some.  Instead of calling for a sweeping bill he now wants it broken up into smaller piece. 

This kills anything from getting done.  Reality is Democrats won’t go for Republican favored tougher border security unless it has a path to citizenship for undocumented workers attached, and vice versa.  So if either part is going to pass it will need to be attached to each other.

Although Rubio has taken a beating in the polls this move could make things worse.  Remember he has already angered the anti-reform wing in the party by being such a strong voice for reform earlier this year.  Now, he is telling the pro-reform wing of the party that he can’t be trusted when things get tough.

Say what you want about John McCain he picked one side and stuck to it.  While he did take hits over it in 2007 he was rewarded with establishment support (from people like Crist, Schwarzenegger,and Giuliani) when he needed it during the primaries.

The ultimate result is that Rubio may end up making him to establishment for the Tea Party and too Tea Party for the establishment.  That is a place you really don’t want to be.


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