Prediction Time – Robert Sarvis

I have been very skeptical of Libertarians. They are the most overrated group in American politics.  On November 5 that is going to be shown again.  I predict Robert Sarvis will get 3.9% of the vote.  That is a far cry from the 9.5% he is polling right now.

Why? His lack of campaign structure will prevent him from getting supporters out to vote.  In addition his campaign is build solely around people not liking the other two candidates.  The easiest way to express that is to simply not vote which many of his supporters will do.

One thing that will be interesting is where he pulls his votes from.


4 thoughts on “Prediction Time – Robert Sarvis

  1. I’m not wasting my vote for Virginia governor on the candidates from the broken, one-party, democan/republicrat system. I’m sure many Virginia voters can agree with most if not all of Robert Sarvis’ positions shown on under Issues. That he didn’t get to speak in person in Thursday night’s debate highlights the brokenness of the current system.
    BTW, there is another debate in Richmond today, October 26th, from noon until 2:00 that includes all three candidates

    • Although I am no Libertarian, my post was not a knock on his policies just a comment that he doesn’t have the practical campaign structure. For example, a few weeks ago he didn’t have a full-time campaign HQ. Campaigns are as much about the mechanics of things like GOTV and fundraising as they are about ideas.

  2. Libertarians are the most overrated group in American politics by whom?

    • IMHO. Considering their lack of electoral impact they receive a great deal of coverage. Has a Libertarian or a Libertarian-Republican ever won a state during the presidential primaries?

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