Cruz Recycles Reagan/Kemp Cliches

Here is the video of Ted Cruz’s speech in Iowa on 10/25/13:

Cruz starts off giving standard applause lines and launches into standard attack on Obama.  Cruz then pivots into a comparing Obama to to Jimmy Carter equating now to the late 1970’s.  This is perfect for a crowd that is DESPERATE for another Reagan.  He wants the Republican party to be the party of growth,  you can almost anticipate the call for a big tax call.

He then credited every attack on Obamacare to the shutdown and basked in the glow of firing up the grassroots over the shutdown.  Of course he didn’t mention the beating the GOP has been taking in the polls.  Cruz also didn’t mention how fellow conservative Ken Cuccinelli has seen his poll numbers slide since the shutdown.

Most interestingly, Cruz blamed his fellow Republican for the loss in the government shutdown.  He is not going to win any friends doing this and you can bet he will be repaid in 2016.  You can almost see prominent conservative senators waiting for the right moment to endorse Cruz’s opponents at a crucial time.

Of course Cruz wants to the party to unify behind the old Reagan coalition.  During his speech Cruz didn’t bother to mention why Mitt Romney attempted to do that in 2012 and his campaign lost.

In the final analysis the speech is nothing new.  If you throw in a few dire warnings about Obama and Obamacare this speech could have been given in 1983, 1993, or 2003.  The GOP says it is looking for new voices but Cruz used his biggest opportunity in Iowa to deliver more of the same.  Interesting to see how others might take advantage of that chance.


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