The Night Came and Went


The debate was almost this ugly.

If Ken Cuccinelli needed a knock out he didn’t get it.  He spent most of the debate trying to shore up his base.

Robert Sarvis was clearly on Cooch’s mind.  At one point he told viewers he was the most pro-liberty candidate elected in Virginia history (don’t know how that is calculated, know a few gay people who’d disagree but I digress) and that Ron Paul supports him.  That is not going to appeal to moderate voters and is clearly designed to try and bring back any libertarian-Republicans who have deserted the party.

Cooch’s frustration did start to show.  At one point he mentioned BigMac’s platitudes and then compared it to buying a puppy without a plan and what happens .  At the time it sounded odd and looking back it seems a unhinged.

On the other hand, McAuliffe more than held his own.  Remember BigMac’s strategy was to play it safe at least.  BigMac more than did that.  His answers on gun control pissed off the GOP base but were tailored for Northern Virginia where he needs a big turnout to win.  His closing statement was his best moment of the night for either candidate.

Nothing really changed because of tonight.  Glad I watched so you didn’t have to.


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