Bring On the Night

If the Cooch is going to turn it around against BigMac tonight is the night.   This evening is the last scheduled debate of the campaign.  For the last time people will get to see the two of them right next to each other, giving Cooch his best shot to make a contrast.

With twelve days to go Cooch needs to land some big shots if he is going to change the trajectory of the race. Can he do it? Well, Cuccinelli has proven himself to be a successful debater in the past so it is not impossible.  Cuccinelli will need to take the fight to McAuliffe from the beginning.

In contrast, McAuliffe will clearly be playing defense tonight just trying to run out the clock without making a major gaffe.  Playing it safe is a wise strategy for McAuliffe but if he goes to sleep he can create a moment for Cuccinelli to pounce.  Does anyone remember the first Obama-Romney debate?

Tune in tonight for what will surely be a contrast in styles.



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