Only 13 Days of Magic Left

Stop the presses!! E.W. Jackson doesn’t believe Judaism is a false religion.  Well, that will help me sleep at night.

Truth is the GOP Lt. Governor nominee only gave the answer when he was pressed by voters at an events sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Tidewater. He did become a little ticked when someone followed up and asked if he thought Islam was a false religion.

I’ll miss Jackson when he is gone.  I may think he’s crazy but he has proved some real entertainment.  More than anything he is a reminder of what the core of the GOP base really thinks.

Why do I say that?

He did win the party’s nomination at a convention against six other candidates, most of whom had better organizations and more money, on the basis of support from that base.  If the core of the party base was more moderate Jackson would have been an afterthought not the party’s nominee for statewide office.

Jackson’s victory in the primary is also a sign that GOP’s rebranding effort has a long way to go.  Again, in a rebranded GOP Jackson would win nothing.


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