Is Rasmussen Finally Finished?!?

Damn!! Ken Cuccinelli is eating a big shit sandwich if these poll numbers from Rasmussen are to be believed.   According to Rasmussen BigMac McAuliffe is up 50-33 over the Cooch Cuccinelli. I am not going to jump on these poll numbers because of how suck-tastic Rasmussen did in 2012. 

Did Willard Romney win Colorado, Virginia, or Iowa?

By the way, great job Bill Rasmussen.

Nope, this latest poll means as much as other Rasmussen polls mean in the wake of his crap 2012 polling – that’s right dickshit nothing,

This may generate a day of media/blog bases hysteria, in the long run (like most things Rasmussen now does) it is best left ignored.


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