How Big Will De Blasio’s Victory Be

With only 13 days left in the NYC mayoral race it is clear Bill de Blasio is going to be elected mayor.  Yup, I’m the master of the obvious.  The question is how big will his victory be?

Why is this even important you might ask.  After all, a win is a win.  Well, I don’t think so.

De Blasio has an ambitious agenda that many people say, especially his desire to raise taxes on wealthier New York City dwellers to pay for universal pre-k and after school programs, is D.O.A. in Albany. So he needs a big win to send the message that his ideas are popular and should be supported by Governor Cuomo and the Democrats in the legislature.

If he just squeaks out a win, say under 60%, de Blasio will have a tougher time with Cuomo and company.  If his election night total gets over 70% then it would appear to be a whole new ball game.


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