Poll Dancing In the Granite State

Apparently Cruz mania has not caught on in New Hampshire yet.  According to a new poll from WMUR Granite State Polls Cruz is trailing in a crowded field.  The results are:

  • Rand Paul 17%
  • Chris Christie 16%
  • Paul Ryan 9%
  • Jeb Bush 8%
  • Scott Brown 7%
  • Ted Cruz 6%

At least 15% of the poll can be thrown up in the air because I have strong doubts that Scott Brown and Jeb Bush will run.   The Christie-Paul feud continues to define the GOP primary in New Hampshire.  They represent deep divisions in the state’s GOP.  Remember the Granite State once had opposite wings of the party in Warren Rudman and Bob Smith as its Senators.

Interesting that Cruz, who captured so much media attention during the shutdown is trailing in the polls.  He did lead in one category –   the candidate people would not vote for under any circumstance. Granted he only gets 8% of that vote but that number has risen a great deal since the summer.



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