Mark Your Calendars Kids

On May 20, 2014 we’re going to learn who really runs the GOP.

That is the day of the U.S. Senate primary in Kentucky between Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin.  This should be a cake walk for McConnell. He was represented the state for 30 years, is the GOP’s Senate Minority Leader, and has the support of Tea Party favorite Rand Paul.

However, since the shutdown ended McConnell has been taking a great deal of heat from the right wing of the party.  Recently Jim DeMint’s group the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed McConnell’s challenger, Matt Bevin.  Also with groups like FreedomWorks talking about repopulating the GOP you get the feeling they might jump into this fight as well.

As I have said before IF Bevin can knock off McConnell it will be the ultimate sign the Tea Party has taken over the GOP.  This is not an old moderate like Mike Castle or Dick Lugar, or someone Bob Bennett who just wasn’t paying attention.  This is the leader of the GOP in the Senate and one of the craftiest operators in all of American politics.  To defeat him would tell every Republican it is time to get in line or get out.

I get the feeling McConnell must have some dirt on Bevin that he is waiting for the right time to use.  Don’t be surprised if all of the stops are pulled out in this one.

It is still early but to get folks in the mood here’s a little Thunderdome:


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