It’s Unfair to Romney, McCain and Dole

A war cry among many in the Tea Party is that the party loses when they run so-called moderates like Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney.  The argument being they fail to excite this vast conservative base to turnout and win the election.

Dole and Friends

Dole looks good compared to the rest.

This idea raises a few questions.  First, who else was running that could have done a better job in those elections?

Do people really think Rick Santorum would’ve won more states in 2012, or that Mike Huckabee would’ve captivated the nation in 2008?  You have to have someone else to run. If no one else better steps up then you are stuck with Romney or Dole.  It’s not very mature to say “well Ronald Reagan would’ve won.”  Why?  It’s kind of hard to run a corpse.

Second, where do people suppose all of these conservatives went on election day?  Do they think that people who vie Obama as a Marxist-Leninist are really not going to vote because maybe McCain is a little soft on campaign finance reform?

If anything the GOP should be applauded for nominating the best candidate it could in a tough spot.  They didn’t win but they also didn’t get blown out.  Sometimes you have to live to fight another day.

Am I wrong?  If so, tell me why.



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