The GOP’s Bubba Conundrum

It’s being reported that this weekend Bill Clinton will campaign across Virginia with Terry McAuliffe.  This should surprise no one.  Clinton and BigMac have been friends for a long time and Governor McAuliffe would do everything possible to deliver the state to Hillary in the 2016 primary and general election.


Two guys hitting the road…

Clinton’s appearances will draw huge amounts of media coverage across the commonwealth, just as Hillary’s one appearance did for McAuliffe over the last weekend.  Keep in mind, the former-President has a 67% favorable view with voters across Virginia.

When you think about it, Bill Clinton is an advantage the Democrats have that the GOP doesn’t at this point.  Is there a national Republican who can campaign in a state, draw big crowds, excite the base and also appeal to independents?

Let’s be honest no one with the last name of Bush, McCain, Paul or Cruz could do that.  In fact, many of those figures would turn off some independents and would reopen wounds in the party.

While Bill Clinton alone can’t win anyone a race campaigning for them but it is certainly better than criss-crossing a state with say E.W. Jackson.



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