Rand to the Rescue?

Terry McAuliffe may have Bill Clinton coming to campaign with him but so what.  Ken Cuccinelli has Rand Paul coming to lend a hand in Virginia Beach on the 28th.

This move is all about trying to shore up the base.  While BigMac may have Bubba coming to help him reach out to independents, Cooch is not in that place.  In contrast to McAuliffe who has the Dems solidly behind him, Cooch is losing libertarian-Republican voters to Libertarian Robert Sarvis.  So bringing down the most well known elected Libertarian hero is an attempt to bring those folks back.  Also of course Rand Paul is popular with social conservatives and this is supposed to fire them up.

At the same time you have to question the logic behind bringing in someone so associated with the tea party following the government shutdown.  Keep in mind Paul was one of 18 Senators to vote against opening the government last week.

Also the Virginia Beach area has the second largest concentration of government employees of any city in the country so they not react well to seeing Paul with Cooch.

For Paul this does show his influence in the party is growing.  His father wouldn’t have been a headline attraction for the Virginia GOP in 2009.  The son is moving into the elite of the GOP’s national surrogates.


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