Chris Christie Goes Light In the Loafers On Gay Marriage

Governor Christie has waved the white flag, or should I say the rainbow flag, in the fight over gay marriage.  He announced he will not fight the state court’s ruling.  This is a double edged sword for Christie.

On the one hand he has won the support of the Log Cabin Republicans and many moderates in the party.  At the same time though he is going against the prevailing view in the GOP on this issue.

Yes, I know what the trend lines show for the GOP but that trend will not be reversed by 2016 and the primaries are not about Republicans overall.  They are about small clusters of high turnout voters in key states.  I can assure you the overwhelming majority of Iowa Caucus goers or South Carolina GOP Primary voters will NOT support gay marriage.

You can bet someone the campaigns of say Rubio, Paul, or Scott Walker will remind people the Christie backed down in this fight.

The backing down may be as bad as the policy.  Remember the conservative base wants a base.  They want to storm the barricades with Cruz.  Witness the 8 minute standing ovation Rafi Cruz received in Texas this weekend.

So while this may guarantee Christie 65% of the vote in 15 days it will be used against him in the future.


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