Taking It Out In the Old Dominion

If you needed any proof that the government shutdown was  political screw up please read Washington Post story about how it’s impacting the Virginia elections.

While people should know that these elections are for state offices and the people running have nothing to do with what happened in Congress, you wouldn’t know it from these reactions:

Knock-knock: “It must really suck to be a Republican right now,” says a federal worker who, truth be told, is a Republican herself.

Knock-knock: “Lifelong Republican,” says the woman at the door, a senior executive in the military. “I’m sorry — I have to tell you, I’m not apt to vote for anyone in my own party this year. Can’t do it.”


Anderson replies: “This is a moderate district, and I’m a moderate guy. I believe when the majority has spoken, the issue is settled. We’ve got to find a civil way forward.”

Smathers isn’t hearing it. “You’re still one of them,” he says.


If voters are feeling this way in 16 days it is going to be a long election night for the RPV.   The GOP will keep the House of Delegates but you could see the Dems picking up a number of seats there and also winning at least two statewide offices.

The question for them is can they change the subject? Can they get voters thinking about something else besides the shutdown?

When you consider that the shutdown is the biggest political story of the year and Virginia has high concentrations of government employees who have just been out of work for 16 days, it may be impossible to do that.   This is not helped by the fact that up until now the GOP’s central message has been calling Terry McAuliffe sleazy.

Somehow I doubt Ted Cruz will be getting invited back to the Old Dominion anytime soon.



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