Rand Paul Can Get Randy


Thrilled to be here!!

The National Journal has a new profile piece on Rand Paul which people should definitely check out.

Aside from his positions and his looseness with some facts (the guy is running for President for Pete’s sake) the thing that stuck out is how he responds to criticism.

Paul seems to have a point where he can get a little testy with people, especially if it is a question or topic he doesn’t want to deal.  In particular, the piece says:

He is annoyed, he acts annoyed. He considers some episodes closed, for instance, and often cuts off reporters who raise them. Asked about an aide he was forced to let go because of the aide’s history of inflammatory statements about race, Paul became exasperated. “I’m sort of done with that,” he replied. “If you’ve got one more question … “

That is a problem.  People never want their politicians, especially their Presidents, to seem annoyed or bored by their questions.  After a long day of campaigning if you snap at someone it can be really damaging.  Anyone remember how Bob Dole’s stop lying about my record went over with people?

The part of the GOP that wants a testy fighter has probably already found their guy in Chris Christie.  Does anyone really think Paul is going to out grouchy that guy?



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