Don’t Be Fooled By MSM and Ted Cruz

Will be interesting to see how Ted Cruz fares in the next set of either national or state based Presidential primary polls.  When the first polls come out everyone will look to see if Cruz is at or near the top. If he is, then many in the media will say his strategy during the shutdown worked.

Why?  He is an interesting guy to cover.  Cruz is a smart guy who says controversial things.  Any tv network from FOX News to Pravada would love to cover a guy like that.

But hold on for a minute folks.

There is another number to look at and it may get missed.  Namely, what are his negatives?  If a large chunk of Republicans are saying they like him but an equal number are saying they think he’s electoral poison than that spells big trouble for Cruz.

A party is not going to nominate someone who half the party loves and the other half is terrified of having be the nominee.  Let me be very clear, by terrified I don’t mean a few policy disagreements (i.e. John McCain or Mitt Romney) I mean they will cost the party 40 states (i.e. Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul).  If Cruz has high negatives than he could end up in the category, which unless you are only running to promote yourself and not a serious candidate (like say Alan Keyes), is a place you don’t want to be.


One thought on “Don’t Be Fooled By MSM and Ted Cruz

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