The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get

Right now Ted Cruz is probably as popular as rectal cancer with his Senate colleagues and many members in the House.  The truth is, he doesn’t care.  In fact being unpopular is probably part of his political strategy.

ABC’s Rick Klein says Cruz is getting his power from grassroots conservatives who loathe Washington, the same way Sarah Palin does.  There is a big difference between the two of them. Cruz is much smarter than Palin.  Does anyone think a moment like this would ever happen to Cruz:

This strategy is playing well for Cruz right now.  He is drawing praise from groups like FreedomWorks and pundits like Mark Levin.  He is banking on that to be enough to catapult him to victory in states like Iowa and South Carolina.  But those contests are a ways away.  What will he do now?

Will Cruz endorse Mitch McConnell’s primary opponent?  Will he push for a similar strategy in January when the continuing resolution comes up for a vote?

Look for Cruz to do something that will make his the right kind of enemies.



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