Big Losers From Shutdown – Mitch McConnell


Having a tough week?

The finger of blame is being pointed at many people.  One of the GOP leaders taking the fire is Mitch McConnell.

This could not come at a worse time for McConnell.  He already had to deal with a primary challenge from Matt Bevin and while that may have been nuisance it looks like it could turn into a cause celeb from Tea Party groups.

Consider that Tea Partiers are already calling him Ditch McConnell, groups like FreedomWorks are already reaching out to his primary opponent, and radio host Mark Levin recently said “count me out” on McConnell’s reelection campaign efforts.

In addition, it is now being reported that McConnell is trailing his Democratic opponent Alison Grimes 45-43.

Can McConnell survive?

Sure but it just got much harder and in January he is going to have to find a way to not be seen as surrendering to the Democrats or the threat from Bevin will grow.

This race is about much more than McConnell or his seat.

It really is a battle for control of the party.  I don’t mean the theoretical heart and soul stuff.  I mean power.  If the Tea Party can take down McConnell they really will be in control of the GOP.  What member of the GOP caucus will ever believe party officials when they say “I know this is not going to be popular at home but we’ll make sure you survive a primary,” if they are unable to protect the Senate Minority Leader in 2014?

You can bet everyone interested in running in 2016 is going to keep an eye on this one.


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